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Re: (TV) FW: CD-Rs versus CDs /Technical Q

I did forget to add 3 things:

(1) if a show is available on a pressed silver CD, I'll still buy it, even 
if I have the show on CD-R, since I like to think of pressed silver CD's
as more durable, 

(2) while you can (as Philip did, and as I have done) sell certain silver
CD's, with few exceptions you are simply getting your money back.  In other 
words, if you bought it for $25, you can probably sell it for $25.  There
is no "investment" value from a monetary perspective, and it's a heck of a
lot cheaper to build a collection of CD-R's.  Even if some get ruined, it's 
less than a dollar out of pocket monetary wise,

(3) most importantly, how did Heylin get wrapped up in your e-mails?!  

- Steve
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