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RE: (TV) Verlaine guitar / "The Red Violin"

Thanks, Leo.  This information will be invaluable in 
making my bogus copies.  Watch for them on Ebay!  ;-)

Of course, any good swindler would look up these
models in the standard reference books on Fender,
just to verify the features and to get a plausible 
serial number.

My book says that the bridge is similar on both models 
except the Jaguar bridge lacks the mute.  Many
people replace this bridge with a modern one that
lets you adjust the intonation more precisely.
Some people also replace the pickups.  Any Jazzmaster 
owners out there care to comment?  Anyone know if
Verlaine done any upgrades, other than the pickguard?

Also, there's the infamous spring-lock vibrato 
tailpeice that causes fits when strings slip out.  
Not something you'd like to have unless you really
use it a lot and want the smooth vibrato.

Which makes me wonder: does Verlaine leave the 
trem lock button down all/most of the time? 

An interesting article on other recordings where
the Fender Jazzmaster or Jaguar were used, with
pictures of album covers (including Marquee Moon):

Jazzmaster wiring:


BTW, which strings do I put on my fake: Ernie Bell or Gretch?



"Casey, Leo J" <CaseyL@VOLPE.DOT.GOV> wrote:
> a) a mid-1960s' Fender Jazzmaster or a Fender 
> Jaguar;
> b) the body of the Jazzmaster is made of wood 
> from an alder tree (not ash).  Original wood was 
> most likely stained white-ish yellow, and after 
> drying, translucent red and dark black-ish brown 
> colors were sunbursted (sprayed) on the edge of 
> the body.  The body of the Jaguar, also of alder, 
> is most likely Olympic-white (or cream/white).  
> c) tortoise-shell on both, although it seems probable
> that someone (Verlaine?) replaced the original 
> metal/chrome colored pickguard on the Jazzmaster 
> with a tortoise-shell pickguard.  According to 
> Fender experts, only the Jazzmaster and the Jaguar 
> can be taken apart with out unsoldering them.  
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