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RE: (TV) Verlaine guitar / "The Red Violin"

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From: Mark G. Ryan 
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>So, want to own Tom Verlaine's old guitar?  
>Go to the music store, find and
>puchase a white 1963 Fender Jaguar, swtich out 
>any hardware that doesn't
>look like the one in the picture, and voila! 
>there you have it.  All you gotta do is type a 
>letter and copy Verlaine's signature (it's 
>not like it's George Washington's or something

>--who's gunna know the difference?

Answer : Some Madmen (e.g., see below) :>)

4) Now let's get real obsessive: 
a) In concert and in the studio in 1980s
Verlaine most often plays what two guitars 

b) What are the colors and wood type(s) of 
the body of each guitar? 

c) Name the color(s) of the pickguard on 
each of the guitars? 

a) a mid-1960s' Fender Jazzmaster or a Fender 

b) the body of the Jazzmaster is made of wood 
from an alder tree (not ash).  Original wood was 
most likely stained white-ish yellow, and after 
drying, translucent red and dark black-ish brown 
colors were sunbursted (sprayed) on the edge of 
the body.  The body of the Jaguar, also of alder, 
is most likely Olympic-white (or cream/white).  

c) tortoise-shell on both, although it seems probable
that someone (Verlaine?) replaced the original 
metal/chrome colored pickguard on the Jazzmaster 
with a tortoise-shell pickguard.  According to 
Fender experts, only the Jazzmaster and the Jaguar 
can be taken apart with out unsoldering them.  

Ever seen the movie "The Red Violin"?

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