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(TV) W: CD-Rs versus CDs FYI

"Casey, Leo J" <CaseyL@VOLPE.DOT.GOV> wrote:
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> From: Philip P. Obbard 
> Sent: Friday, May 17, 2002 10:13 AM
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> Subject: Re: CD-Rs versus Cds FYI
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> (2) pressed CDs have vastly longer 
> lifespans than CD-Rs; 

Not so. 

According to industry specs, gold CD-Rs should last at least 70 years.   
(However, improperly made CD-Rs can have very short lifetimes.)


The industry is very touchy on the subject of how long aluminum pressings 
should last, but nobody thinks it's as long as 70 years.  It's known that 
aluminum is subject to oxidation.  

	"Given that a CD-ROM's useable life is unknown but is currently 
	 thought to be of the order of 30 years" 

		--Report of the British LIbrary Working Party on
		  Electronic publishing, "Impact of electronic publishing
		  on library services and resources in the UK"


If you want longevity, you can't beat wax cylinders.  Good for
thousands of years...just don't let 'em get too close to the radiator.

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