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Re: (TV) Verlaine guitar / "The Red Violin"

Blumetakt@aol.com wrote:
> do you guys still think it's a fake?  i wouldn't steer any of you down the 
> wrong street. 
> Cheers
> Chris O'D 

Obviously I have no idea.  I'm not doubting anyone's word,
just doubting whether this type of transaction is a good idea 
in general.  People can be acting in good faith and still be
mistaken about provenance of an object (it happens all the time).
But everybody is free to make their own judgement as to what is 
and is not an acceptable risk.

Frankly, I wouldn't buy a celebrity guitar on Ebay if my
mother said it was genuine (how the heck would she know?).

BTW, my last "ordinary" guitar purchase on Ebay worked out fine.

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