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(TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #840

"Emilie T. Hsu" <ehsu@mindspring.com> wrote:
> Not only is this OT, as Philip pointed out, I can't figure out what Mark is trying to get at.  
> Philip was just making the point that governmental regulation tends to 
> run in a cycle -- more regulation, less regulation, more regulation, etc. 
> IN GENERAL -- not necessarily a judgement on whether this is a bad (or good) 
> thing.  It was just an observation, your comparaison to European fascism 
> really doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but whatever.

If it please the court: we only wished to show that the fact that a 
phenomenon is cyclical does not imply that it is always safe to wait 
for a particular extreme manifestation to go away of its own accord.

An analogy could be made between swing of more/less regulation  and
the swing between rightest/leftist governments.  In either case, extreme
swings can be deleterious.  However, I the court wishes, I will withdraw 
the analogy.

We do contend that the evidence about "yellow journalism", Standard Oil 
monopoly, etc.  was introduced in a context that clearly indicated
these were thought to be bad things.  The term "yellow journalism" is
itself prejudicial.  Therefore, a reasonable person could conclude 
from the witness's statement that these things are "cyclical" that he 
implied that nothing need be done about them.  

I do not know if this was in fact Mr. Obbard's intention, but I wished to 
express disagreement with this possible interpretation of his writing.

Respectfully submitted,

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