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Re: (TV) Christgau on Television

MM is RC's top record of 1977.
--- Brian Young <raggedglory57@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all-
> I know these are probably posted somewhere, but I
> hadn't read them:
> TELEVISION: Marquee Moon (Elektra) I know why people
> complain about Tom 
> Verlaine's angst-ridden voice, but fuck that, I
> haven't had such intense 
> pleasure from a new release since I got into Layla
> three months after it 
> came out, and this took about fifteen seconds. The
> lyrics, which are in a 
> demotic-philosophical mode ("I was
> listening/listening to the rain/I was 
> hearing/hearing something else"), would carry this
> record alone; so would 
> the guitar playing, as lyrical and piercing as
> Clapton or Garcia but totally 
> unlike either. Yes, you bet it rocks. And no, I
> didn't believe they'd be 
> able to do it on record because I thought this
> band's excitement was all in 
> the live raveups. Turns out that's about a third of
> it. A PLUS
> TELEVISION: Adventure (Elektra) Those scandalized by
> Marquee Moon's wimpoid 
> tendencies are gonna try to read this one out of the
> movement. I agree that 
> it's not as urgent, or as satisfying, but that's
> only to say that Marquee 
> Moon was a great album while Adventure is a very
> good one. The difference is 
> more a function of material than of the new album's
> relatively clean, calm, 
> reflective mood. The lyrics on Marquee Moon were
> shot through with visionary 
> surprises that never let up. These are comparatively
> songlike, their apercus 
> concentrated in hook lines that are surrounded by
> more quotidian stuff. The 
> first side is funnier, faster, more accessible, but
> the second side gets 
> there--the guitar on "The Fire" is Verlaine's most
> gorgeous ever. A MINUS
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"I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart's affection and the truth of Imagination.  What Imagination seizes as Beauty must be truth--whether it existed before or not."
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