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Re: (TV) ebay listing finally up for Verlaine guitar

Forgot to mention:  the gig bag comes with the a typewritten
letter, proving beyond a doubt it's authenticity.  I transcribe 


	This is to certify that the Gig Bag which you have purchased 
	on Ebay, black in color, did in fact belong to me, Moses.  
	I used it to play weddings and barmitzfahs and it always gave 
	me good service.  May it serve you well, too.

	Executed at Jerusalem this 29th day of February, 1245 BC.



	Moses  (the one in the Bible)

While I know some of you cynics may nit-pick this letter, I find
it charming and very much in character for Moses as I knew him.


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> >> starting bid at $1,850...
> >
> >and with that you get a GIG BAG??!!!?!??!?!?!
> >hehe.
> Yes, but it's TOM VERLAINE's gig bag!!!  Which he bought from 
> Jimi Hendryx.
> It's actually a right-handed gig bag which Jimi carried left-handed.
> Before that it was discovered by an archeologist in Israel hidden
> inside the Arc of the Covenant.  You can check out the pictures in
> the Guitar_Archeology magazine (March, 1965).  It's reputed to be the 
> gig bag in which Moses carried his staff during his famous Egyptian tour.
> This is really a remakable value at only $1850.
> Mark

Mark G. Ryan
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