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RE: (TV) OT: Lou Reed - The Raven

Every few years, Lou feels the need to remind us once again of his talent
for making incredibly bad music when he's trying to impress people. As
Richard Meltzer wrote years ago, "If it's really, really stupid, it's hip."

Lou's occasional brilliance (New York, Songs for Drella) keeps his
reputation going. But those of us who've followed him since the early
Velvets days know he's the ultimate slacker and poseur, despite his
impeccable street creds. He's such a poet (right) that he can "update" Poe's
work to make it relevant today--actually, relevant to Lou today.

I say Lou playing Sweet Sister Ray at LaCave. But I also saw him at
Cleveland Music Hall with the Tots. I've never seen a performer who can
cycle between genius and stupidity so often in a career.

(Climbing off of soapbox now)

-Jim K.

"Pete Laughner and Lester Bangs died for your sins, Lou."

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