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Re: (TV) OT: Lou Reed - The Raven

In message <AGEFLOMPGBGLHCGMEMCGMEHEEIAA.jkauff@earthlink.net>, Jim Kauffman <jkauff@earthlink.net> writes
Lou's occasional brilliance (New York, Songs for Drella) keeps his
reputation going. But those of us who've followed him since the early
Velvets days know he's the ultimate slacker and poseur, despite his
impeccable street creds.

Right on the button, there!

He's such a poet (right) that he can "update" Poe's
work to make it relevant today--actually, relevant to Lou today.

Perhaps he can start on Shakespeare next, replace all the instances of "Hail!" with the word "Yo!" so that the cool people that Lou likes to impress will understand it. Of course _he_ understands it all 'cos he's a genius, it's the rest of us who need his help. I love some of Lou's records but the man's a dork and, by all accounts, an unpleasant dork.

("Dork" - from, I think, Henry IV Part 1, meaning someone who believes everything that they say about themselves)

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