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Re: (TV) draft dodgers (was: Political statement??)

"Murray Ramone" <murrayramone@hotmail.com> wrote:
> did anyone ever find out if/how verlaine (and the rest of them) avoided the 
> draft ?

There is a really good story about that.  Wish I could remember where 
I read it--might have been and old Q&A on Richard Lloyd's web site
(but it's not there now).

Here's what I can remember: he got his notice to show up at the
induction center to be classified.  He's supposed to take an 
aptitude test, but he has this problem with authority. So instead,
he just goes out and wanders around the hall.  Then he runs into this
officer who asks him what he is doing.  He answers something like,
"I don't want to be in the Army because I have a problem with
authority".  The officer can't believe what he is hearing, so he 
sends him to talk to the Army shrink, who looks like the psychiatrist 
in a bad movie.  The shrink says something like "Tell me about your 
Father, ja?" The outcome is that he gets classified 4F or whatever.

Wish I could find this--can anybody out there help?  Lloyd is a 
good writer and I would love to read it again, it was very funny.

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