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Re: (TV) draft dodgers (was: Political statement??)

Oops--it was Richard Hell!  Here's the link:


It's still a great story!


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> "Murray Ramone" <murrayramone@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > did anyone ever find out if/how verlaine (and the rest of them) avoided the 
> > draft ?
> There is a really good story about that.  Wish I could remember where 
> I read it--might have been and old Q&A on Richard Lloyd's web site
> (but it's not there now).
> Here's what I can remember: he got his notice to show up at the
> induction center to be classified.  He's supposed to take an 
> aptitude test, but he has this problem with authority. So instead,
> he just goes out and wanders around the hall.  Then he runs into this
> officer who asks him what he is doing.  He answers something like,
> "I don't want to be in the Army because I have a problem with
> authority".  The officer can't believe what he is hearing, so he 
> sends him to talk to the Army shrink, who looks like the psychiatrist 
> in a bad movie.  The shrink says something like "Tell me about your 
> Father, ja?" The outcome is that he gets classified 4F or whatever.
> Wish I could find this--can anybody out there help?  Lloyd is a 
> good writer and I would love to read it again, it was very funny.
> Mark

Mark G. Ryan
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