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Re: (TV) Verlaine tour drummer

> Dennis, is this a question about Tom Verlaine?! I guess Lou Reed will
> have to just talk amongst himselves for a few minutes...
> (sorry, dunno the answer)

Well she wrote me back , I mentioned that Schwartzberg had played on the
record, Dreamtime, that jogged her memory and
she said it was him. I was at the NYC stop of that tour and couldn't
remember who was drumming. Being it was my birthday I am surprised
remembering being at the show at all. I'm so boring now. But hopefully in 3
more months I'll be off the meds and back at the bar.
I'm definitely drinking in New Orleans when I see Ween.
They are playing with Les Claypools band featuring Buckethead, Bernie
Worrell, and drummer Brain. Should be interesting.
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