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Re: (TV) Raven sucks

This is awful reading. What's next? Swedes on this list being stigmatized as suicidal and angst-ridden due to the picture of us spread around the world in the works of Ingmar Bergman. Well, he's a famous and very serious film-maker - this said as an explanation for those group-members who doesn't know much about art-cinema.

I'm a bit surprised that the following Swedish connection has never been discussed in here: that Verlaine repeatedly over the years has claimed a poet from my county to be one of his main influences in lyric-writing - Tomas Transtrvmer. Has anyone read him? If so - do you detect any similarities in the two gentlemen's poetry? I hope that not every one in here is an illiterate! He's been translated to several languages and is every year mentioned as a candidate for the Nobel prize.

Transtrvmer's name might be spelled Transtroemer in English, by the way. The Swedish alphabet has three more letters than the English one (e, d, v), which doubtlessly make our language much more richer than yours.

Leif J, Sweden

From: "Mark G. Ryan" <mgryan@cruzio.com>
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Subject: (TV) Raven sucks
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"Emilie T. Hsu" <ehsu@mindspring.com> wrote:
> Stop bashing the French, I like the French, the French like Television... er, and I am French.

Zooo sor-RY.  Ekscu-SE-MON,  Mwah no bashee de Fran-SZWAH.  O kon-TRAIR!
Avwahr ze appee-sia-SHON de SHERRY LEW-IS!  SHERRY es ze GEN-IOUS!  Et
ze musisk popular de Frans-SZWAH!  Es mag-nif-FEEK. Ze akkor-di-ON! Ze
pop kul-TUOR de la super-MARKEET!  Veev le Franz!

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