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(TV) Raven sucks and so did that post.

In message <F94o8nxex2AM52K9Gum0000f063@hotmail.com>, leif joley <leifjoley@hotmail.com> writes
This is awful reading. What's next? Swedes on this list being stigmatized as suicidal and angst-ridden due to the picture of us spread around the world in the works of Ingmar Bergman.

Agreed! It is awful reading.
If I could just quote from the 'rules':


"A. What topics may be discussed on the list?
The list is pretty much a free-for-all. Obviously, any and all news about members of Television is welcome, especially release dates and concert information. Reviews and opinions are also encouraged. Likewise, Television-related information is also acceptable (e.g., Patti Smith reviews, Luna tour dates). These are just examples, not guidelines; anything not specifically prohibited below is allowed.

B. What topics may not be discussed on the list?
Outside commercial postings are strictly prohibited; any advertisements, chain e-mail, or any other type of bulk mail sent to the list will result in the sender's immediate removal. Personal attacks on list members or the unauthorized use of another subscriber's personal information are also strictly prohibited. Please notify the Marquee Moon Mailing List administrator of any off-list attacks on any list member for any reason other than musical taste."


Some if us may, in the interests of friendship and courtesy, have resisted the urge to post awful generalisations about war-hungry redneck gun-freaks out to rule the world because, although everything we see on the news may lead us to conclude that all Americans fit into this category, we know that it ain't true. Although I live a short Channel-hop away from the French, my opinion of them would really serve no purpose if posted on this list other than to try and show the rest of you how clever I think I am.

(which brings us back to Uncle Lou...)

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