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RE: (TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #844 / 'few' not meant literally

>What do you mean "few"? I mean,

Hey Nick, I don't want to make a big deal 
out of this, but it seems like I've been 
rubbing you the wrong way recently.

>>am I **one of the few** who was embarrassed 
>>by the Live (Paris?) VU 're-union' 

It was just a figure of speech--a semi-rhetorical 
question ---not to be taken literally--a feeble 
attempt at irony/sarcasm as I realized there 
was a high likelihood that a great many on MM list
were also disappointed by this piece of junk.

I was just trying to stimulate some discussion.

	Leo  :>)
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What do you mean "few"? I mean, yes, great that they did it before Sterling 
Morrison died, but otherwise...it sounds like a bunch of old farts playing 
overly clean, very processed equipment. Come on: "White Light/White Heat" 
isn't supposed to sound that way. Bad enough Reed had to give us Rock 'n' 
Roll Animal's rendition of "Sweet Jane" and "Rock 'n' Roll" years before; 
this was just completely unnecessary. 

-nick keiser
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