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(TV) Important FAQ Update - reminder!

Hi all,

I posted this exactly a month ago, but I'm not sure everyone saw it, so I
thought it bears repeating:

"With the start of 2003, I've opted to update the list FAQ. Significantly, in
order to put an end to years of confusion and complaints on this issue, I've
decided to remove all prohibitions on the trading and discussion of trading
"unauthorized" material. Please note that this DOES NOT constitute any
endorsement of such activity. Also, I hope the list doesn't get overwhelmed
with lists of material for trade - be considerate of other members' inboxes.
Please note that Section 2A of the FAQ has NOT changed, so while discussions
about trading TV-related material are fine, this list is not the appropriate
place to be discussing trades, material, etc., that is not TV-related. In other
words, if you post your Richard Thompson or Velvet Underground lists, I'm going
to be unhappy.

The updated FAQ can be found at http://tv.obbard.com/listfaq.html.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns."


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