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(TV) Re: (OT) Sweedish Poets (was: Raven sucks)

"leif joley" <leifjoley@hotmail.com> wrote:
> This is awful reading. What's next? Swedes on this list being stigmatized as 
> suicidal and angst-ridden due to the picture of us spread around the world 

Certainly not.  We only make fun of people from Ballard, WA, 
and Lake Woebegone, Minnesota.

> in the works of Ingmar Bergman. Well, he's a famous and very serious 
> film-maker - this said as an explanation for those group-members who doesn't 
> know much about art-cinema.

Not to be confused with Jerry Lewis: a famous and very awful film-maker
and "actor" who is only popular in...,um, you-know-where.

> I'm a bit surprised that the following Swedish connection has never been 
> discussed in here: that Verlaine repeatedly over the years has claimed a 
> poet from my county to be one of his main influences in lyric-writing - 
> Tomas Transtrvmer. Has anyone read him? If so - do you detect any 
> similarities in the two gentlemen's poetry? 

Well, Verlaine is definitely not suicidal and angst-ridden.

> I hope that not every one in 
> here is an illiterate! He's been translated to several languages and is 
> every year mentioned as a candidate for the Nobel prize.

Hmm...just where do they award those Nobel prizes again?

> Transtrvmer's name might be spelled Transtroemer in English, by the way. The 
> Swedish alphabet has three more letters than the English one (e, d, v), 
> which doubtlessly make our language much more richer than yours.

Many people on this list will be surprised to hear that LOU REED did
an album based on his poems: Transformer.

Mark (the Happy Illiterate)
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