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Re: (TV) Words from the Front

"russvr" <russvr@blarg.net> wrote:
> point though. It's a story song and Verlaine is putting himself in the place
> of a Union soldier, if I recall correctly, during one of General Bushnell's
> (?) notorious routes. 

Interesting bit of history.  Thanks.  Guess its possible that
he really feels deeply about the Civil War, though I doubt it.

There is quite a bit of interest in the Civil War in his home
state of Delaware, even though no battles were fought there.
Hey, anybody can get inspired by anything, but the depth of the
inspiration will show in the final result...

Personally, I would consider it a bit presumptious to write a poem
about the Civil War, after what has been written by Walt Whitman,
Harte Crane, Stephen Vincent Benet, Allen Tate, Robert Penn Warren,
and others deeply affected by the event and its legacy.

> I don't think the emotion that Verlaine sings with is anything but 
> some of his most earnest expression. 

I'll go along with that. I really can't fault the rendition.
It's the lyrics themselves that I can't stomach.

> Likewise with the guitar playing.

Agreed. The guitar playing is superb, as usual.

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