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(TV) Sheeps, Dunger etc

Just came back here to my isolated sheep island Gotland after five hours on the ferry. (Been rehearsing for my birthday party next month. Will be playing an electric set with only my own stuff for the first time. I should have invited you all if you had the possibility to come. Thanks for all kind words about The Only Feeling. It feels great. The truth is I recorded it before I moved to Gotland. So the isolation doesn't have anything to do with the song.)
Hey Leif, you're just jealous. I'm still closer to our capital than you and the amount of tourists in the summer only proves you all love this place. And yes, the dialect is strange, but what about your own? Sounds more like Danish or French than Swedish, that would have made ME kill myself. (My Danish drummer has been living here for fifteen years, but I still don't understand a single word.) 
One bad thing though is that I missed a show with Nicolai Dunger in Visby (our biggest town) because of the lack of buses here in the evenings. He's a fantastic singer but I must admit I have problems when the influences gets too strong, like Jeff Buckley and Van the Man.
Speaking of sheeps: according to the native people here there are no sheeps here, they call sheeps lambs and lambs lambkids.

Time to sleep


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