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(TV) Don't read this if you've heard enough already.

Hey, let's calm down here a little... I seem to have become one half of a battle here and I've no desire to be.

No doubt members of this group get what they want from the group on the whole, or they wouldn't bother to stick around. I do and I make no apologies for my interest in the minutiae of Television/Verlaine performances. Doesn't mean everyone else has to share my mild obsessions or even read my posts. I don't expect them to. I'm not a "buddy of the moderator" (never met the chap) and the structure and content of my web "shrine" is my business. Anyone is free to construct their own in whatever way they choose. Similarly, if a discussion list is too dull for you, then start one that suits you.

(In fact, Mr Ryan had a point, albeit one which I personally don't consider to be a problem, - I didn't include alt-tags and I don't design it (or any of the others) for text-based browsers. As 87% of people who look at it use Microsoft's Explorer and the rest various versions of Netscape Navigator, whether I like it or not, then it seems that should be the target browsers I'm aiming for.)

My ego is fine and needs no protection. Which may be why I've responded to what I considered to be some deliberately-provocative posts in a less-than constructive way, i.e. by allowing myself to be provoked. Mea culpa.

Mr Ryan has had his say and now I've had mine. Let's hope that's the end of it. The 'rule' that personal comments and 'attacks' are not permissable on this list exists for exactly this reason - to avoid this kind of bad feeling and waste of everyone's time. I'm sure that most of us have some things to say about the fact that many people are probably going to die soon 'in our names' and we sometimes have to resist the urge to bring those feelings into these posts. Sure, I'd like to know how US members feel about what's happening in the world outside but then I can always write to them personally and ask them.

My apologies for any of your time that I've wasted. I've really got no more to say on the subject (sighs of relief...)

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