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Re: (TV) Text based Verlaine lyrics?

Folks, let's not overreact. Perhaps my original message should have gone
privatley to the people I was addressing. 

Mark wrote: "I know I have been unkind at times, but people have been unkind to
me (Keith's comment of "This is bullshit".)" Mark, you are absolutely right.
Which is why my message was addressed to both you and Keith.

I don't object to *anything* you've said - I even agree with your technical
criticisms of Keith's site, and I think COVER is a pretty disposable record (as
I've said before), and that WORDS FORM THE FRONT (the LP, not the song) is the
sound of Verlaine treading water - I object to *how* you're saying it. Email is
not a good way to maintain "tone", and perhaps I'm misreading some of it here.
But I gather I'm not the only one.

This isn't personal, and it isn't the first time I've asked one or more list
members to tone down what I perceived as unnecessary one-upmanship (for lack of
a better term) or asides that seem to be made in bad faith. I might have
misread the tone of some of the messages being passed around this list in the
last few days. However, I don't know how I can be accused of censorship on an
unmoderated list. Nor did I ask, or even imply, that anyone should leave the
list. In the 3+ years this list has been running, I've never removed a list
member or asked one to leave, and I'm not starting now. On the contrary, I want
any TV fan we can find on this list!

Finally, Mark, if you or anyone else would like to quote my emails to you,
which is absolutely fine, at least give me the benefit of context and post the
entire message, not simply excerpts.

(I'd like to call this topic "closed", but it's an unmoderated group, so you're
free to discuss and argue as long as you like. :^) )

MM List Admin

--- "Mark G. Ryan" <mgryan@cruzio.com> wrote:
> I have been informed by Philip Obbard that I am not supposed to
> "publically criticize someone's work" on this list.   

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