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(TV) unsafe venues

phillip writes:
"Given the large number of MM Listers who are/have been in bands,
I'm sure there are some scary stories out there about several of the
dangerous 'hell-holes' you people played in over the years"

i'd like to nominate three now defunt pittsburgh venues, the electric banana, the decade and the millvale industrial theatre. the banana was built on stilts over a steep hillside. if they was a significant crowd you could stand under the banana & you could see the whole club bounce & sway. the ceilings of the decade were covered in parachutes. one stray match & we'd all have died. at the industrial theatre a narrow 10 foot hallway was the only escape route. as i heard of the great white tragedy, i thought of the amazing amount of shows i saw or played at in the decade & the banana & was very happy to be alive.


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