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Re: (TV) OT: Rhode Island Tragedy/Pyrotechnics / slightly on topic: NYC,

Casey, Leo J wrote:
> I would be negligent if I didn't say a few words about the recent
> horrific event in West Warwick, R.I.---partly because it's less than 
> a 45 minute car-ride from my hometown, and partly because I've 
> been in a few firetraps in Boston, similar to The Station, to see live 
> music over the years.  

As some may know, I live in RI, and still cant get away from all
the horrific reports from there.  Fortunately, despite the 2 degrees of
separation that pervades RI, I don't know anyone who was at that
show.  (I tend to know very few Great White fans - I still consider
Once Bitten, Twice Shy an Ian Hunter tune.)

This is a stupid, senseless tragedy that happened because someone
figured it was more important to look cool with the pyrotechnics than
be safe.

I've ducked tragedy before; I saw The Who on Dec 2, 1979, one day
before fans were trampled to death in the festival seating.

The number of clubs I've been in that could have been firetraps
is high, including the Decade and the Electric Banana, mentioned in
another post.

I am reminded of the words from Steve Forbert's song, Goin' Down to
Laurel: "Best of luck and all, try to have some fun - they tell me this
great life can always end" but that's no excuse not to pay attention.

                    Joe Hartley - jh@brainiac.com
  "Say what you will about the sweet miracle of unquestioning faith. 
   I consider the capacity for it terrifying." --Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
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