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(TV) This Friday 2/28: Two Dollar Guitar meets JOSS in Brooklyn

THIS FRIDAY, February 28th brings TWO DOLLAR GUITAR and JOSS to Freddy's
Backroom .

Freddy's is located at: 485 Dean Street Brooklyn, NY 11215
phone: 718.622.7035 That's the corner of Dean Street and 6th Avenue in

Two Dollar Guitar
Poetic and mournful songs that mine a sound and vision based on "roots"
music, buiding on a tradition found in the work of Nick Cave, Van Zandt,
Serge Gainsbourg and Leonard Cohen, and transubstantiating these influences
into something utterly its own..  (http://www.smellslikerecords.com),

Weekly Alibi - "...tidal waves of gorgeous, plaintive indie rock... A more
unfathomable force of nature you will not find."

  Ex. Speed the Plough, Wild Carnation member Chris O'Donovan and  bandmates
Ambrose Liu and Mike Pasuit bring their moody, mezmerizing, hypnotic, grooves
to Freddy's Backroom.  (www.houseofjoss.com)

The Aquarian Weekly - "musical excellence...critically lauded...echoing
tremolo-laden. Tom Waits-like rainy day musical meanders that deserve a
national audience..."    

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