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Re: (TV) NYC show

Following on from last night. I never intended that we should have to get into discussing politics at great length and on a regular basis, and I have generally accepted that was the case with this list. There were a couple of things that set me off. I don't think I would have got anywhere near as crabby with Philip's remark if he hadn't asked people to respond off list. I voiced my displeasure as I am want to do. At the same time I was getting emails from the Mekons list that I am on and for the last few days they have been more or less 100% about the war. Somehow at that particular moment last night some of the discussions here seemed very trivial considering what was about to happen. I fully accept that I can subscribe to lists that talk politics and I do. Any way I don't want to fall out with people over this particularly Philip as I have had a lot of pleasure out of this list over the past few years and if it wasn't for him the list may not have existed. I genuinely hope that anyone lucky enough to go the shows in the coming days has a great time and I look forward to seeing the reviews. I'll try not mention politics again unless Tom or one of the others stands for public office!


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