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Re: (TV) Last night's show - Irving Plaza 3/21/2003

Philip -

That's an interesting comment you made about Verlaine,
and something that's been in the back of my mind too.

I think there is a clear difference between the modern
Verlaine and the old one.  (I saw them a few times
back in the day, and I've caught all the NY shows in
the 90s and for this latest reunion.)  

Verlaine is most definitely laying back.  I don't
really see it so much as a lack of focus.  I almost
see it as a new-found maturity, where he's more
willing to let the rest of the band speak for itself,
and to just sit back and be a "gap-filler" and musical
director.  Another possible reason for the change,
possibly, is that Richard Lloyd has really come into
his own as a soloist.  I think T.V. enjoys sitting
back and letting Richard rip as much as anyone in the

I don't know whether the change is good or bad for
their overall sound.  Certainly Verlaine's solos are
more atmospheric, and less driven, then the old days. 
That could also be an age factor -- he's less angry,
and has less to prove.  But the tonal character of his
guitar playing is richer these days, and he's even
more of a stylist.

On the whole, I'd say I've been enjoying these current
reunion shows more than the Bottom Line show I caught
back in their first go-round.  Though maybe not as
much as the My Father's Place show or the CB's show. 
But they're in the ballpark.  Being older myself, I
get a kick out of the modern-day Verlaine's "potential
energy."  You get the feeling he knows he could play a
20-minute solo that could just tear the roof off the
joint if he wanted too.  Just knowing he knows that,
and that you know he knows that, it part of the fun.

Maybe he'll hit one out tonight.  I'll be there!

- Jeff

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