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(TV) FLASH LIGHT received!

I just got my copy of the Collectors' Choice reissue of FLASH LIGHT. Haven't
listened to it yet.  But I do notice a few things:

1. CC Music did a much nicer job with the graphics on this disc than they did
on the previous reissues of ALCHEMY and TOM VERLAINE. Much more professional.
On the downside, they placed the "Collectors' Choice MUSIC" logo on the bottom
of the cover, but as far as marring cover art goes, this is much less drastic
than the re-sizing they did for TOM VERLAINE or what American Recordings did to
DREAMTIME on the 1994 CD reissue.

2. John Tefler, Television's management contact, has a new email address:
john@johntelfer.net. In fact, I found http://www.johntelfer.net/, a site that
has cruddy navigation but mentions Television in a few places, even talking
about their recent tour dates and LIVE AT THE ACADEMY 12.4.92 CD!

3. The sticker on the front of the shrink wrap reads "The Critically Acclaimed
1987 Solo Album from ex-Television Leader!" ("Former and Future", it ought to
read. :^) )

4. Biggest shock: The CD includes lyrics, but no liner notes. Originally, the
CD was due to include liner notes from Tom Verlaine, and was delayed while CC
Music waited for them to arrive. I guess they got tired of waiting - a shame,
really. This album had an interesting story behind it and I would have liked
hearing Tom's version (the original sessions being rejected, etc.)

5. Also, I don't see any CD remastering credits. I'm at work, so I can't be
positive right now, but didn't the TOM VERLAINE and ALCHEMY reissues
specifically credit someone with remastering the album for CD?

Still, I am thrilled to see my 2nd favorite Verlaine CD back in print after 16
years. I can't wait to hear it!


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