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(TV) More comments on the FLASH LIGHT reissue

Here's the scoop on the sound quality of the Collectors' Choice CD reissue of

As far as I can tell, the sound is *identical* to that of the original 1987 IRS
CD. Same decibel level, same track lengths, etc. A few seconds of silence have
been added to the first ("Cry Mercy, Judge") and last tracks ("One Time at
Sundown") on the CD, probably as part of the mastering process to create a new
CD. Otherwise, these tracks look and sound almost bit-for-bit identical, as far
as I can tell using Steinberg WaveLab. This is in direct contrast to the
(corrected) CC Music reissue of TOM VERLAINE, which looked dramatically
different than the previous Japanese/German reissue.

My guess is that Collectors' Choice Music used the 1987 CD as a source for the
new CD. Or, that the mastering of the album back in 1987 was so good that it
couldn't be improved upon, but given the lack of any "mastered by" credit on
this CD (unlike the previous TOM VERLAINE or ALCHEMY reissues) I find this
scenario unlikely. 

Perhaps there is the slightest difference - I'd love to have someone
doublecheck my ears - but I honestly can't hear it or see it in the WAV file.

Also, I'd like to take back my comments about the graphics. While the layout of
the inlay card is nice, the new booklet actually omits one of the photos from
the original CD/LP - the shot of four "Toms" on a red background (as opposed to
the blue cover).

So, combine the stripped-down artwork with the identical sound, and I'd say the
original 1987 CD is actually slightly *superior* to the Collectors' Choice
reissue. I'm still glad to see it back in print - comparing my two copies has
reminded me how much I love this record - but as far as reissues go, this
should be classified as "budget" - although, in fairness that designation
should be reserved for the current CD versions of COVER and WORDS FROM THE
FRONT. Let's call it "mid-price". Or, to put it another way: If you don't have
this on CD, or don't have this album at all, this is a great way to hear it.
But if you already have the 1987 CD, I think you can safely skip this. 

Of course, buying this CD reissue makes CC Music more likely to reissue other
Verlaine albums in the future - that's something to consider.

It's a real pity Tom didn't get his liner notes in here.


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