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Re: (TV) Fwd: reissues clarification

--- Maurice Rickard <maurice@mac.com> wrote:
> Sadly, you're right.  Otherwise, we have a winner.

I, being "anti-fade" (forgive me, I first heard the album on CD), had already
resigned myself to a "fade restoration", believing it was probably meant-to-be.
But I'm glad to hear my side has prevailed on this issue. :^)

Went to Virgin during lunch but found they only had MM, and for $19! So I held
off - I'll have to find something after work. But I did recruit a potential new
MM list member while I was there. :^)

> I've listened as far as the end of "Elevation" at 
> this point, so I haven't been able to verify the LJJ issues.

Maurice, I'm *really* curious about "Adventure" and the alternate "Glory". Are
these the same takes heard on the I NEED A NEW ADVENTURE bootleg of ADVENTURE


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