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Re: (TV) Fwd: reissues clarification

> Went to Virgin during lunch but found they only had
> MM, and for $19! So I held
> off - I'll have to find something after work. But I
> did recruit a potential new
> MM list member while I was there. :^)

i was *stunned* when i ran into my (heretofore, great
local indie) record store and found not only no
display, but no copies of either disc!  just one copy
of "blow up" in the bin.  i stumbled around in a daze
until i found a clerk, asked for help...he checked the
computer, took me back to the bin, and lo and behold,
a copy of each.  i swore to him that those weren't
there five minutes before.  and a benign looking
middle aged man said, right -- he had just gotten them
placed there.  had his own copies in hand already. 
had also gone out to pick these up on day of issue.

at the counter, one of the clerks asked "how do people
even know about these?"  apparently, folks do.

i also directed the fellow fan to the internet -- he
didn't know of any groups.

i've had the strangest image in mind all day, of all
these middle-aged, middle-class professionals rushing
out to buy these *classic* *punk* *reissues*.  oh
well...at heart i'm cutting edge.

first impression -- sound is just great!  really
refreshing.  "ljj" is wonderful.  good packaging (it's
nice to have the lyrics again, and, where have these
great pictures been all these years?). but sadly i
must now go out again...

more later.

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