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(TV) Roseland Experiences? +s & -s ?? Overcrowding?

People on MM List who have been to Roseland before---- what's your opinion
of the sound, and the venue in general (also---as compared to other clubs in
NYC or other major cities)?


I was doing some searching and what I found were generally unfavorable
comments, e.g.: 


"Packed like sardines Posted by jambojersey
memberreview1_1___saved__1>  on 11/21/2002 
Avoid this venue unless tix are free or your all-time fav performer is
there. It was way too crowded and it was def oversold. But you will get
different opinions depending on who the performer is. We saw Jack Johnson.
Everyone in our group was very disappointed with the sound. I suggest
getting there very early and never leaving your spot, even to go to the
bathroom, b/c you wil never make it back to the group without bumping into
everyone and pissing people off. Some had to stand in the back the whole
time it was so crowded. They couldn't take the pushing and crowding. Gen
Admission stinks; try getting tickets for upstairs (mezzanine).  See several
more of similar nature at: 



Pros: Good bands, Easy to get a drink Cons: ... Crowded, Bad sound" 


What about smoking at places like Roseland?  (In Boston/Cambridge Clubs
smoking ban finally be come law in July.)  How can Roseland get away with
over-selling/overcrowding given city's fire laws (esp. in wake of The Cannel
tragedy in R.I.)?




Does all of the above mean I need to get inside at 6:546pm and stake out my
spot?  :> )
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