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RE: (TV) More of what Tom did.

... and this...

Format: CD
Label: Purple Music/Centre Pompidou
Country: FRA
Release Date: 2000
Notes: CD that came with Elysian Fields Art Catalogue that was available at an art exhibit at Paris' Pompedou Centre. Very hard to find. How can you get it? Your best bet is find a bookstore that has contact with a French distributor and ask them if they can specially order it for you, just give them the title and the publisher (Centre Pompidou) info.

People First - Brothwick/Fellows/Holland
Between A Raven And A Writing Desk - David Grubbs
Side 2 Side 2 - Sonic Youth
Tomodachi No Yo-Ni / Comme un Ami - Paradise Garage
The Girl From Ipanema - Ginny Robbins
The Affiliate Sights - The Sea And Cake
Sleep - Jeff Rian / Palix
MKWAJU - Joe Hishaishi
SunFast - Jutta Koether
Exhol - Jim O'Rourke
Stueck - Oval
Only - Tom Verlaine
Untitled - Tortoise

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A Google search for "Jutta Koether"+Verlaine throws up the following:

Verlaine and Koether contributed music to a gallery show in London, apparently
this year. See the bottom of this page:


Verlaine and Koether are on this CD "Kim's Bedroom", from a Kim Gordon


Here's a CD by Jutta Koether, apparently featuring Tom Verlaine:


This page has the following interesting but confusing quote from Koether:


   JUTTA KOETHER, artist: Oh there was a musical turn

   that messed with my painting and my perspective NY

   Rave (Disco 2000 at Limelight), Blumfeld Hildegard

   von Bingen, Tom Verlaine's "Soul Freedom 2000"

   (live at Tramps in '96) Tilt by Scott Walker, Gummo

   (soundtrack), my "Diadal" experience Millie Jackson's

   Totally Unrestricted! From there on, it's all for the love

   of disorder: Outer Music, Outer Art.

I wonder has anyone come across the "interview with Tom Verlaine" listed


In this interview in French, Verlaine refers to Koether:


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