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(TV) Television show tonight in NYC

Back from Roseland - only stayed for a few Patti songs (left after "Break it up")

TV started with 1880 or show - nice rave up version

Then 2 back to back new songs I wasn't familiar with ("shady?" and "Forever Now?" - who knows with bad sound)

Tom made some comments about it being pretty cold in the place "They left the AC on all day" and not being able to see the buttons on his guitar sound buttons on the floor - he said he couldn't tell if they were on or off.

In general a pretty personable Tom tonight - lots of smiles and thanks yous.

Next came "Prove It"

Then 2 or 3 new songs again  - one sounded like he was speaking either French or Yiddish - bad sound problem again!  (Actually I say the sound was bad only if you were trying to make out unknown lyrics - otherwise the guitars sounded OK).

Encore was Marquee Moon - pretty close to the album version (not the "22 minute version" my wife was worried about!)

Having seen TV going back to 1978 at the Bottom Line (OK, granted, so that comes to about 4 shows!) I must say this was the first show of theirs where they did more NEW songs than old songs.

PS - no live CDs for sale in the lobby....but T-SHIRTS!

Attendees - please chime in and address any of those unknown songs.

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