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Re: (TV) Television show tonight in NYC

--- DAVE MARIN <dwmarin@optonline.net> wrote:
> Attendees - please chime in and address any of those unknown songs.

They did four new (unrecorded) songs, of which only one seemed
totally new to me, as I didn't recognize it from the March 2004
shows. "Persia" was definitely played tonight; I'll need to check
some recent recordings to figure out which the other two were.

Television played for a little over an hour - four new songs, four
classics ("1880 or so", "Prove It", "Call Mr. Lee", "Marquee Moon").
I hadn't planned to stay for all of Patti Smith's show, but it turned
out to be excellent and my friend and I stayed through the end. I
only know about 1/2 of Smith's catalog, but even enjoyed the material
I didn't know, as well as the George Michael cover! Her band puts on
a very high-energy show. She also said "thank you" to Television
sometime during the show, and how it was nice to have Television play
with her during her first-ever show at Roseland, just as they had at
CBGBs long ago.

Bonus: I saw David Byrne at the bar just before Smith's set.

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