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Re: (TV) Television show tonight in NYC

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From: "Philip P. Obbard" <pobbard@yahoo.com>

"Television played for a little over an hour - four new songs, four
classics ("1880 or so", "Prove It", "Call Mr. Lee", "Marquee Moon").
I hadn't planned to stay for all of Patti Smith's show, but it turned
out to be excellent and my friend and I stayed through the end. I
only know about 1/2 of Smith's catalog, but even enjoyed the material
I didn't know, as well as the George Michael cover!"

***Father Figure- at one point Patti started singing one of the lyrics too early, which led to her comment "That's what you get for singing the song only once in your bathroom" or something like that.***

" Her band puts on a very high-energy show. She also said "thank you" to Television
sometime during the show, and how it was nice to have Television play
with her during her first-ever show at Roseland, just as they had at
CBGBs long ago.

Bonus: I saw David Byrne at the bar just before Smith's set."

***And I swear I saw Alice Cooper arrive in a limo, as well as inside the venue!***


p.s. Thanks Phil
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