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Re: (TV) More of what Tom did.

Leif, the "Beat Runs Wild" and "Elysian Fields Soundtrack" are documented as official Verlaine releases on The Wonder website. See: http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/facts/index.htm

Philip wrote:
That's right - "Anna" first showed up on the BEATS RUN WILD
compilation in 1986. It was recorded during the FLASH LIGHT sessions.

Well yes, but it wasn't recorded in New York along with the other Flash Light songs (except for The Scientist). It was recorded in London as part of "the lost album" -- what Leif calls "the refused material".

It was good that The Miller's Tale included "Anna", "Sixteen Tulips" and "Call Me The", but some of the other "lost" tracks deserved better than appearing only as B-sides of obscure singles.

In particular, "Vanity Fair" and "One Time At Sundown (London version)" need a new release. That's part of the reason I suggested, back in April, a new compilation -- The Miller's Tale 2.

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