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Re: (TV) More of what Tom did.

Rex wrote:

"The Kronos collaboration??!!"

From the Big Bad Love soundtrack... there's one track lifted from
"Warm & Cool", and another one which is new... The Kronos Quartet
with Tom on (surprise) lead guitar.  Very much in the Warm and Cool
mode, but with (surprise again!) a string quartet standing in for the ryhthm section.

For the sake of accuracy... That track is a tune from Warm & Cool entitled "Spiritual", rerecorded in 2001 with the Kronos Quartet. The other Verlaine track on the album is the original Warm & Cool track "Sleepwalkin'".

I presume that "Spiritual" is the last studio recording Tom has done, and it's very fine. The rest of the Big Bad Love soundtrack is good too. Worth tracking down.

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