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Re: (TV) Television show tonight in NYC

--- Joe Hartley <jh@brainiac.com> wrote:
> Is it me, or was anybody else disappointed by this set?  It didn't
> seem like Tom gave a rat's ass, and that he was missing his cues
> all over the place.  Frankly, I think that he did a lot of
> pointless noodling, and wasn't really paying attention.

I was disappointed. I think Television assumed (correctly, I admit)
that most of the audience was there to see Patti, not them, and that
they might as well use it as a rehearsal, hence the high content of
"unrecorded" material only the diehards would know. I agree that Tom
seemed less involved with the band than usual, and overall I thought
it was a pretty weak set. Also, Fred was grossly undermixed - I could
barely hear the bass for most of the set.

In fairness, almost no-one in the audience sang the chorus to "Prove
It", as they usually do at Television show. I don't think most people
were there to see them.

> Note to Tom:  Take my $35 and buy a bypass pedal to cut the signal
> to the amp while you tune!).

Agreed. Honestly, I am not a musician, but sometime I wonder if it is
really necessary for Tom to tune constantly? I know the man has
sensitive ears, and guitars need to be tuned, but I don't see Richard
constantly fiddling with his peddles, his tuning, etc... they could
fit a whole other song in most sets if they re-tuned less.

> Patti's set was absolutely wonderful, and overall, it was a great
> night.

I agree - she was fantastic, as was her band (and that's coming from
someone who has never gone out of his way to see Smith live, and
wouldn't call himself a fan normally). Everyone on stage exuded
energy. And Oliver Ray did an impressive job mimicking Tom's guitar
parts during "Break It Up".

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