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Re: (TV) More of what Tom did.

Joe T:
> In particular, "Vanity Fair" and "One Time At Sundown (London version)" need 
> a new release. That's part of the reason I suggested, back in April, a new 
> compilation -- The Miller's Tale 2.

I have my own comp of Verlaine non-album tracks which could use a bit of updating (especially as more of these obscure compilation tracks see the light of day), and it's pretty good listening in its own right.  The basic qualifier was "if it saw release on anything other than a proper studio album, it's here".  Thus I included the Miller's Tale tracks alongside other B-sides from that era (and before), so I guess that essentially it's the "Lost Album" bookended by some earlier goodies like "Your Finest Hour" on the one side, and the smattering of things that have trickled out since then (the Kronos collaboration, "The Hawk", etc.)  

I'd love to see all this stuff consolidated in that form.  I would even advocate for the inclusion of the tunes which overlap with The Miller's Tale, since those "Lost Album" songs really belong together.

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