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Re: Still Confused / RE: (TV) Where Did the Vanity Fair Boot ComeFro m?.

> But now I'm really confused by what you said about the "Vanity Fair" bootleg (aka "the b-sides" aka "the Bascombe Sessions" "the 1986 London Sessions" aka "the Lost Album" ).  Do you mean you are the person for the "No Deposit, No Return" boot (which is quite different from the "Vanity Fair ' boot)? See below.  

I'm sure there's more clarification coming, and I have not heard the VF disc, but I can say this:  the "Lost Album" tracks on "No Deposit", as mentioned before, sound pretty bad... to the extent that my vinyl rips of the same songs sound better to my ears, and I didn't even do my vinyl-ripping on what you'd call state-of-the-art equipment.  In other words, the "No Deposit" tracks are a few generations shy of a master tape of any kind, to say the least.

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