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(TV) Television/Patti Smith

Just thought you might be interested in reading a review from the Echo & The Bunnymen list about Saturday's gig from a friend who saw TV for the first time.


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Subject: seven-seas Television/Patti Smith
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Television were amazing!!!!!!!!!! :-))))
I can see why Will worships those guys....they make playing guitar
look as easy as eating chocolate pudding!! hehehehhee

I was mezmorised all through the entire gig!!

I arrived at Roseland Ballroom only 10 mins prior to the doors opening
(because we'd spent the day sight seeing) and the line was almost
to the other end of the block! But I still got close, about 6 people back
from the stage. I would have been a lot closer but some chick
was taking WAY TOO FUCKING LONG at the damn T-shirt counter!!!! ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! The T shirt guy even told her to hurry
up! LOL And why do all the TALL people think they need to stand right
at the stage?????????? >:-/

It was a very mixed crowd! Old hippies to young teens and goths!

They only played 7 tracks and an encore, but their set lasted
about an hour and 15 mins. !! They opened the show with '1880 Or So'.
The guitarist played his baby blue Fender Strat. The bassist was very
impressive!!! Dunno what type of guitar he was playing. Tom Verlaine
was just amazing. :-) The drummer was superb too, but someone needs to
tell him that gray fros aren't very hip these days!! hehehehheeee ;-)
4 top notch musicians indeed!!

After '1880 Or So', the guitarist switched to his other Strat
and they played two new tracks. Both pretty cool. I loved the
endings coz they played them out long and jamming styled!

Next they played 'Prove It' and 'Call Mr. Lee'....both excellent!

At the beginning of the next song Tom said.....'I'm not sure if we have
a lighting guy tonight, but if we do this is a sort of 'blue' tune....'
a minute later some blue lights appeared and they played another
unfamiliar track that started out: "You're so great you're so great
you're so great you're so great you're so great you're so great....."
He sung those lyrics pretty fast, and then they played a bunch of
music and then he sang another line in the same manner......and then
more music...and then "I don't forget I don't forget I don't forget
I don't forget I don't forget I don't forget I don't forget I don't
forget ........" dunno the title, but it was so great so great so great!! ;-)

The next track was stunningly brilliant!!!!! Again, very few lyrics...
but the bass was f-ing AMAZING! It was a very guitar driven track
that just went on and on...I was in heaven! I asked the guy next to me
which song it was and he didn't know either. Maybe another new one?
But it was genius! And after it slowed back down and he sang  a few lines
you thought it was over...and they started back up again and it went on....
Just brilliant!! :-))))

They did an approx 10 minute version of Marquee Moon for the encore!

Great show indeed! Could have been a little longer......
but since it was a Patti Smith show, I guess they couldn't. :-(

I watched about 4 of her songs.
The first two were amazing! I was surprised coz
I didn't really know what to expect. (never got any of
her stuff) She's a very energetic performer and her band
is amazingly talented!! She really worked the crowd.
Always smiling and totally into her songs!

When the 3rd song started the crowd went wild,
but I dunno, it didn't really do anything for me...
and the 4th song was even less appealing (slow) to me
so I just left. My back was in agony from walking the
streets of NYC all day and standing on that hard gig floor
for an hour before Television, and then during the set.
I just couldn't stand there another minute.

Yeah, I know I know, it was Patti Smith....
but if I had known some of her music I would have stayed.
I had 4 kids in the city that I had to meet at the Empire State Building...
so, since the 3rd and 4th songs didn't appeal to me I just left.
Like I said, the first two were fantastic....so I'm sure Patti's
fans must have been in for a fabulous show. The crowd was
definitely there to see her.

But I was there to see Television and they delivered the goods!!
So that's all that matters to me! :-)

Sorry Ted......didn't see any posters around the city... :-(

Got a great shot of the marquee tho....


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