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Re: (TV) Sorry / Source of My Confusion

> So... is "?" either "Circling" pr "Smoother Than Jones",


> and if so, whyis it missing a title, 

Because I don't know what Verlaine's official title for the song is. No 
tracklisting was given with the tape. Until it was official released I 
thought 16 Tulips was called 16 Tears.  ? has never been released and 
is a genuine outtake.

>and why is one track or the other clearly missing?

Ask Mark Wallis. This is what was on the tape I was given.
> I assume the duplicate tracks are either (A) the Flash Light and
> non-Flash Light version of SWAL and OTAS, those being the only tracks
> on both "albums", or (B) rips of b-sides from different singles, maybe
> reflecting cosmetic differences in running times or some such?

No tracks are rips from b-sides and it depends on how cosmetic you 
think different guitar parts, lyrics and song lengths are. Yes, some 
tracks were given an official release. I'm too tired/busy at the moment 
to do a strict a-b comparison. 


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