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(TV) TV cover ALERT

perhaps of interest to TV obsessives, the following new release by Chris
Stamey & Friends covers "Venus" :

dBs founder and Whiskeytown & Le Tiger producer CHRIS STAMEY is a
political man.  In a moment of pure geek rock bliss, Chris hopped in
the studio with YO LA TENGO to create V.O.T.E., which is an 11-
tracks of pure R.O.C.K.  With Let's Active's Mitch Easter at the
mixing board, Stamey and company traded licks on a variety of
originals and choice covers like The Yardbirds "Shapes of Things."
Pick up this amazing CD at our store starting October 12 - you will
not find this in any chain store anywhere! $13.99

1. V.O.T.E. (public service announcement)
2. Shapes of Things (Samwell-Smith/Relf/McCarty/) EMI Unart Catalog
3. Venus (Verlaine) Double Exposure Music
4. Politician (Bruce/Brown) Unichappell Music
5. Plainest Thing (Merritt) Train Penny Publishing
6. Compared to What (McDaniels) Lonport Music
7. The Summer Sun (Stamey) ShangMoto Songs
8. Sleepless Nights (Stamey) ShangMoto Songs
9. McCauley Street (Let's Go Downtown) (Stamey) ShangMoto Songs
10. Desperate Man (Stamey) ShangMoto Songs
11. Sleepless Nights Again (Stamey) ShangMoto Songs
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