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(TV) Mitch Easter

Mitch Easter is god junior who also produce the Loud Family's Plants and
Birds and Rocks and Things and some great stuff by Velvet Crush.  I knew in
advance that he was performing at a Shalini concert at the Merc.  Great to
walk up to Mr. The Man and say, you've worked with the Loud Family and
Velvet Crush.  Thank you for changing my life!!

Umm, I was walking across the George Washington Bridge Friday after the
debate and some geezer on a bike passed me ranting "the House of Bush is
Falling."  Good times.

Scott, NYC
  With Let's Active's Mitch Easter at the mixing board, Stamey and company
traded licks on a variety of originals and choice covers like The Yardbirds
"Shapes of Things."
Pick up this amazing CD at our store starting October 12 - you will not find
this in any chain store anywhere! $13.99
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