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Re: (TV) Tom Verlaine and UFOs

At 7:06 PM -0700 10/17/04, Russ Van Rooy wrote:
Sitting here enjoying 'Earth vs the Flying Saucers' on tv I can't help but wonder about Tom Verlaine and UFOs. I thought I had heard that Verlaine had a fascination for such things. Is this true or have the aliens implanted a false memory in my brain ? If it is true, can someone expound a little on this ?
thanks  - Russ

Well there is the track "Saucer Crash" off _Warm and Cool_, which would seem to reference the supposed Roswell incident. And there was his reference of the _Music from the Twilight Zone_ album, which actually had no affiliation with the series, but which is supposedly rather atmospheric and very cool.

As to whether or not you've been implanted with false memories, well, do you remember anyone putting anything up your nose? Followed by a dull ache back there? Just askin'.


Maurice Rickard
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