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Re: (TV) Tom Verlaine and UFOs

In message <41732538.8090904@pop.nwnexus.com>, Russ Van Rooy <russvr@pop.nwnexus.com> writes
Sitting here enjoying 'Earth vs the Flying Saucers' on tv I can't help but wonder about Tom Verlaine and UFOs. I thought I had heard that Verlaine had a fascination for such things. Is this true or have the aliens implanted a false memory in my brain ?

"The guitar part at the end of 'Mr Lee' is kinda like a flower. But it was more like a rotten potato that's just burst! HAHA! Or like a bloated old melon that's just laid in a field and gone PLUGHHHH!!! Like the pods in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, did you see that movie? Where the pod cracks open and inside there's this half-formed person that becomes YOU... only without any feelings?" It turns out that such psychotronic monster movie epics are an important part of what turns Television on creatively. All cite films such as Invaders From Mars, The Brain Eaters and Fiend Without A Face as an influence, while Tom eagerly explains how a childhood model of the red planet influenced his 'Mars' song and that '50s novelty records could be responsible for the fractured atmosphere on 'The Rocket'. "I have a real warm spot for flying saucer songs and Frankenstein songs. When I was a kid the first record I ever really liked was called 'The Mummy', and the flip-side was called 'The Beat Generation' which Richard Hell later re-wrote as 'The Blank Generation'. I thought it was the greatest thing I had ever heard. I didn't like Elvis much then, but I was very young. When I was a kid I used to play that monster all the time!"

(TV, NME 1992)
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