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Re: (TV) OT: Never Over / Top 40 (> sam phillips)

--- Ty Burr <tyburr@mindspring.com> wrote:
> Went and saw Sam Phillips at
> the Paradise instead.
> Poor woman had her delicate I-hate-T-Bone-Burnett
> torch songs squelched by
> screaming fans in the bar next door, but you know
> what? She was
> philosophical about it (a Dodgers fan, natch), 


just saw phillips for the first time myself, and was a
bit surprised.  is her current presentation a notable
departure for her?  or fairly typical of what she does

and on a guitar-geek aside, the opener that night was
some young girl -- looked 16 or so to me -- named kaki
king, a real prodigy / savant type.  she did things on
guitar i'd never seen before.  really worth checking
out if you have a chance to see her live (i believe
she's on a promo jaunt for a new album).  i mean she
obviously has the type of talent very few people do.


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