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Re: (TV) Semi-On Topic: Car Audio Advice for Playing Television cd-Rs

--- "Casey, Leo J" <Leo.J.Casey@Volpe.dot.gov> wrote:
> Do (almost) all car players these days play all cd-Rs with no
> problems?
> 	Leo    
> http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=cat03066&type=category

Yes. But, to be sure, try clicking on some of the items in this Best
Buy list, like "Aiwa - 45W x 4 CD Deck with MOSFET Amp/Digital Tuner
- Titanium Silver". In the description for the product, it notes
"CD-R/RW playback". This means it not only plays CD-Rs, but it will
also play rewriteable CD-RW discs (which is unusual, and suggests
wide tolerance of all writeable/rewriteable CD media by the player). 

I suspect close to all car CD players play CD-Rs at this point,
especially as car CD players are based on CD-ROM technology rather
than standard audio CD technology (as far as I know - this was true a
few years ago) and CD-ROM drives perform more accurate and careful
"reads" of CDs. 

(On the downside, the various attempts by record companies to make
"un-rippable" copy-protected CDs that cannot be copied or converted
into MP3s work by encoding the CD with errors. Audio CD players are
trained to "skip" blocks of bad data; CD-ROM drives will choke on
them instead).

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