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Re: (TV) Richard Lloyd

At 4:32 PM -0400 10/22/04, Steve Rovner wrote:
Spyware infecting your computer?

More likely it's some problem at the DNS level. Notice that Google has been fooled too, when you look at the first result that shows up under "Richard Lloyd."

Weirdly, I can't tell who qp.org is, because they don't have any listing in Internic, Networksolutions, Arin, Ripe, or ICANN. They're hosted at anything.com, though, which is registered through Tucows.

As a data point, for a brief period of time yesterday, Google wasn't resolving for me--instead, it was going to some random designer's site in London. Consistently. Then an hour or so later, things were back to normal. So something's gefucked with the DNS these days.


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